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10-inch LaserRip II Ripper Point with Caden Edge - N400766CE
John Deere 9-inch LaserRip II Ripper Point with Caden Edge - N400766CE

10-inch LaserRip II Ripper Point with Caden Edge - N400766CE

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Caden Edge

John Deere 10-inch LaserRip II Ripper Point with Caden Edge

Caden Edge Benefits:
  • Patented CADEN Edge process infuses tungsten carbide through welding
  • Provides up to 3 times useful life of untreated points
  • Lower cost per acre
  • Less time changing points
John Deere offers a 10-inch LaserRip II ripper point. These points are breaking the ground barrier with repositioned wings and a longer nose delivering better penetration, less surface disturbance and minimal drag.

The ripper points are designed to keep customers in the field longer for enhanced productivity. The newly designed LaserRip II ripper points expand your all-makes opportunities with the ability to fit more competitors’ machines, and assist you in growing your business 

LaserRip II ripper points features:
  • Extended life:  added material on top of point for extended life – the nose has two angles-The one closer to the tip helps reduce draft and increase vertical force.  The one towards the back of the point reduces draft, increases vertical force and rupture
  • Improved penetration: Wings have been moved back to help improve rupture. top-plated wings for improved penetration into hard ground
  • Bolt protection: patented, enlarged mounting hole for bolt head protection and retention
  • Stronger material: single-piece cast of patented carbidic austempered ductile iron, and has outstanding abrasion and impact resistance characteristics  
  • All makes versatility: the LaserRip II ripper points designed to fit John Deere machines as well as competitive machines such as Krause, Wil-Rich and Landoll with front-mounting hole.
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