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7-inch Tru-Width Sweep with Caden Edge - N182039CE
John Deere 7-inch Tru-Width 47-degree Field Cultivator Sweep - Standard Sweep Shown

7-inch Tru-Width Sweep with Caden Edge - N182039CE

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John Deere 7-inch Tru-Width Field Cultivator Sweep with Caden Edge

Caden Edge Benefits:
  • Patented CADEN Edge process infuses tungsten carbide through welding
  • Provides up to 3 times useful life of untreated sweeps
  • Lower cost per acre
  • Less time changing sweeps
  • Faster tillage speeds
  • Better seedbed and yield potential
  • Better nutrient incorporation and soil mixing
John Deere Features and Benefits
  • 47-degree shank angle
  • 1/4-inch thickness
  • Medium crown
  • Unique, proven, Tru-Width design maintains cutting width throughout sweep life, which can extend 30 percent beyond that of conventional sweeps.
  • Ridged medium crown ensures long point life for ongoing consistent tillage action. It parts soil and improves mixing action, chemical incorporation, and weed eradication.
  • Wing angle is set on each type to optimize performance related to respective tillage/seeding practices.
  • Tru-Width wing design provides even seed distribution throughout the life of the sweep.
  • Excellent fit on other makes of tillage equipment for improved performance.
  • Because of their unique wraparound design, Tru-Width sweeps provide even draft and maximum holding power.
  • Sweeps will fit most competitive equipment.
N182039, N182039CE, 980, 2210, 2310

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