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CADEN Edge Tillage Tools

Less time changing sweeps - Faster tillage speeds - Lower cost per acre - Better seedbed and yield potential

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What is CADEN Edge?
The Patented CADEN Edge process infuses tungsten carbide into tillage tools – creating the toughest, most economical, and longest-lasting tillage tools available.
University testing and five years of rigorous field tests consistently show that CADEN Edge increases the useful life of tillage sweeps and ripper points by up to 3X longer than ordinary parts.
CADEN Edge is a Patented treatment developed by USM Wear Tech, a company with years of specialization in tungsten carbide coatings, hard-facing, and extended wear tillage parts. These coatings are made to withstand hours of grinding construction debris, wood, and landfill waste so when it comes to tough field conditions you will always have the Edge.
How Can you Find CADEN Edge Parts?
Currently, CADEN Edge sweeps, ripper points and other tillage tools are available at many agriculture equipment dealers and though this online store. If you cannot find your favorite sweep or tillage tool with CADEN Edge through your local dealer, please contact us and we will assist you with purchasing.

About CadenEdge

What customers are saying:

“I would tell anyone that I recommend using CADEN Edge. If nothing else, just put a few sweeps on your field cultivator and compare them to the ones next to them. Do the same with ripper points. It should speak for itself.”
-Steve Luther, Stine
Seed Asst. Farm Manager